About Emilie Whitcher

Hi! I’m Emilie

Art and people are my passions. I love surrounding myself with pretty flowers, and visiting beautiful places (especially if they have coffee shops). If I could live on the beach I would, and I seem to be the most adventurous around water.

I am studying studio art… painting, drawing, design, etc for those that don’t know. I’ve worked at a locally owned coffee shop for the past couple years, which has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with some of the coolest people every day!

One of my favorite outlets for art is photography- and has been for years. I began when I was an early teen by taking thousands of pictures of mainly my dogs, flowers, and my siblings. As I continued on, I discovered something that was even better than just taking shots. Wedding photography is my passion because of the people I am able to connect with. There is something so special about being able to share a wedding day with two people, and I am so honored and thankful to every couple that has given me the opportunity to be there for every intimate and perfect moment of their special day.